About Us

Hubei Feilong Friction & Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd was set up in April 1970.It occupies an area of 125840 square meters, with a total assets of 300 million Yuan RMB. It has more than 1000 workers, among them, more than 200 technical persons in all professions. The main products are more than 20000 series, within five categories: Brake Linings, Brake Pads, Brake Shoe, Brake Caliper. The company has reached the annual capacity of 30000 tons of non-asbestos brake linings, 5million sets of brake pads, 3million sets of brake shoe assemblies and 30000 pieces of brake calipers. 58 products passed the ECE R90 certification, and can be sold in Europe / Middle East market.

  • The new brake pads need to be worn with the brake discs at the beginning of use, so that the brake pads are better used. So what is the way to brake the brake pads and brake discs? What should you pay attention to when the brake pads and brake discs are worn together? The following small series will explain the brake pad and brake disc running-in method and precautions for everyone.

  • In the process of using the disc brake pads, a dangerous phenomenon occurs, that is, the brake pads are burned. So what is the hazard of the disc brakes? Why do disc brake pads appear to burn? Let's take a look at the hazards and causes of the disc brakes.

  • The front axle of the car is part of the front axle, including shock absorber springs, steering gears, balance shafts, etc. If the front axle of the car is not well maintained, it is more likely to cause some malfunctions. The following is a small series for everyone to talk about the common faults and causes of car front axle solutions, I hope to help everyone.